Dear sports friends, figure skaters,

on January 31, 2002 was the first presentation of Edea on the World at the Paegus Arena in Prague and I was honored to be the first person to promote and sell Edea skates.

15 years on and Edea aren't resting on their laurels but are continually  looking to redefine what is possible, combining innovation and technology to deliver the ultimate in skating.

More and more top skaters are turning to Edea to help them achieve success.

The current range of skates offers the ideal match for every skater no matter what their level.

As Edea start with what the Skater needs it means the whole range has a different feel and structure to ordinary skates giving the outstanding performance you deserve.

For full details check the Edea web site www.edeaskates.com or the catalogue and pick your perfect skating partner.

To find out more please don't hesitate to contact us !

As a skating parent, qualified coach, blade technician, Official Edea dealer and skating fan I look forward to helping you get the perfect start.

Finally on behalf of all our skaters and our future stars I'd just like to thank Sabrina Merlo and her family for making skating fun with their fabulous skates.

Pavel Prochazka

The first member of the #edeafamily


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